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American Fidelity Life Insurance Review

Full life insurance policies with American Fidelity Life Insurance cost on average $250 to $1,000 per month. Universal life insurance premiums might start out as high as or even higher than whole life insurance premiums. It’s important to remember that the insurance supplied by your employer is frequently less expensive. This is our American Fidelity Life Insurance Review, it might resolve your problems!

Pros and Cons of American Fidelity Life Insurance

American Fidelity Life Insurance Review - American Fidelity Logo


  • Makes military policies permanent rather than just temporary
  • A healthy financial state of affairs
  • The assurance of a reliable and skilled company
  • Customers haven’t had any problems.
  • Internet account for the client


  • Temporary military plans might be transformed into long-term ones with the help of
  • A strong financial position and a reputed insurance.
  • There haven’t been any issues for customers thus far.
  • The online profile of a potential client

Factors that affect my rate with American Fidelity

Consider the following while setting your prices:

  • Age
  • Health, such as blood pressure levels or smoking habits
  • Occupation
  • Types of hobbies
  • Length of your policy
  • Insurance offered through your employer

Steps in getting a quote from American Fidelity life insurance

The enrollment procedure is kept private by this insurance firm, which provides quotes and policy details over the phone. To apply, please write something like this:

  1. Call 850-456-7401 to talk with a customer service representative about your insurance needs.
  2. The representative will need your name, address, employment, and a brief health history.
  3. Decide on the right insurance and add-ons for your needs. Determine whether or not to acquire coverage after receiving a quotation.
  4. The next step is to enter the information for your credit card or bank account. Put your name to the agreements.
  5. Please deliver them back to American Fidelity for final approval.
  6. Your policy will take effect on the agreed-upon date..

Types of life insurance coverage that American Fidelity offer

American Fidelity began by offering military personnel cash-value life insurance. These kinds of policies show how strongly it believes in its mission:

  • Group life. While serving in the military, members of the armed forces have access to SGLI (Servicemembers Group Life Insurance), a group term policy.
  • Whole life. While accruing tax-deferred cash value, the Flexible Dollar Builder insurance covers you for the rest of your life. For as long as your coverage is in force, you’ll be paying premiums on a level basis with a whole life insurance policy.
  • Universal life. Put yourself in the future’s shoes first. You can keep your universal insurance for the rest of your life and earn tax-deferred interest, but you’ll have to wait to see how well your investments do. Premiums and interest rates may also rise and fall throughout the course of your loan term. There are universal life insurance policies available with guaranteed minimum return rates as low as 2%.
  • Term life. Short-term, low-cost insurance customers may find this product useful.

What additional riders are available for inclusion in my policy?

You won’t find any information on which riders are available on American Fidelity’s website. If you need this information, call or email customer service. The following are examples of optional extras or benefits offered by the company:

  • Spouse and child rider. The death benefit can often be paid to a spouse or children who are insured under your insurance plan.
  • Rider for portability. It’s possible to maintain your group insurance coverage even if you change jobs with this add-on.

American Fidelity life insurance reviews and complaints

A+ from AM Best demonstrates American Fidelity’s financial strength and ability to meet future obligations. Because of their great customer relations, the Better Business Bureau awards American Fidelity an A+ rating for customer service.

About American Fidelity

Charles Woodbury, a World War II Marine, founded American Fidelity in 1956 after his service was completed. Providing financial advice and solutions for military families in Pensacola, Florida was the company’s aim.

It has gone through multiple recessions, including the one in 2008, thanks to the company’s focus on government and steady investments. A new universal life insurance policy was introduced in November 2008, and it’s been well received.

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Discover How Much YOU Can Save on Life Insurance

Our customers save as much as 35% compared to traditional life insurance offers…

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