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Ameritas Life Insurance Review

There are many different types of life insurance plans offered by Ameritas, which is one of the country’s oldest and most respected insurance businesses.

Your location, age, gender, overall health, the amount of coverage, and the policy type you select all have an impact on the cost of your Ameritas life insurance policy.

To receive a free quote from Ameritas, enter your birth date, state of residence, gender, and the amount of coverage you need.

What affects my rate with Ameritas?

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Price in Ameritas is divided into four categories: Standard (the lowest), Select (the next lowest), Preferred (the highest), and Preferred Plus (the greatest level of pricing).

In the event that a tobacco user meets the additional rate tier requirements, they will receive either a Standard or a Preferred rate. As a result, tobacco users pay higher Standard and Preferred rates than non-smokers do. Health and well-being-related factors that might cut your insurance premiums include:

  • High levels of triglycerides
  • Instability in the heart
  • Ratio of body mass to height
  • The consumption of tobacco
  • Abuse of alcohol or other drugs
  • Infractions of the road rules
  • Prior felony convictions
  • Heart disease runs in my family.
  • Taking part in risky activities, such as flight, in order to get an advantage

How to get a quote from Ameritas life insurance

  1. The Find a financial professional link on the Ameritas website will lead you to a list of local specialists that can assist you.
  2. Throughout the process, we’ll collect information like your name, email, cell phone number, and zip code.
  3. Make a choice on the sort of insurance coverage you’re searching for. Identify and resolve the recaptcha in the comment section and offer any further information.
  4. Select Submit when you’re finished to send your entry to us.

What happens next?

After providing your contact information on the Ameritas website, an insurance agent in your area will be assigned to you. This procedure normally takes between one and two weeks to complete.

Following your match with an agent, you’ll be able to apply for life insurance. You should have coverage within a month after completing your application, depending on how long the insurance company needs to complete it.

What types of life insurance coverage does Ameritas offer?

Term and universal life insurance are also available via Ameritas.

  • Term. Because of this, Ameritas Value Plus Term for Families insurance gives a death benefit guarantee as well as stable premium rates as long as payments are paid. At the end of your term, you have the option of remaining permanently. The length of the contract might be anything from one year to thirty years.
  • Whole. Ameritas offers a number of different types of whole life insurance, including Ameritas Growth Whole Life, Ameritas Value Plus Whole Life, Keystone Whole Life, and Keystone Foundation Whole Life. To put it another way, all of these participating plans allow policyholders to accumulate cash value during the policy’s term while also earning dividends and an interest rate of at least 4%.
  • Universal. The Ameritas Value Plus Universal Life, Excel Essential Universal Life, Excel LifeValue Universal Life, and Excel LifeValue Survivor Universal Life are just a few of the universal life insurance plans offered by Ameritas. According to these universal plans, premiums can be regulated while still being covered at the $1 minimum cash surrender value level.
  • Variables are used in all situations. Excel Performance Variable for Ameritas If you have a universal insurance, you can put aside a portion of each premium to put into any number of different types of investments. You’ll have access to a variety of investment management tools, and you’ll be able to customize your premium payment plan to fit your budget.
  • Indexing is done on a global scale. Ameritas offers three index universal life insurance plans: the Excel Index Universal Life, the Excel Plus Index Universal Life, and the Growth Index Universal Life. All three are index universal life insurance policies. Ameritas offers all three of these insurance. Policies like the S&P 500 Index track a stock index and accrue cash value based on that index’s performance.

What riders can I add to my policy?

These add-ons allow you to tailor your insurance to your specific requirements. You may customize your coverage and add an extra layer of security even though each rider has a price tag.

  • Accelerated death benefits riders. People with terminal illnesses are entitled to part of their death benefit when they pass away.
  • Rider for accidental death insurance. An additional death benefit will be paid out if you are killed in an accident.
  • Riders have an automatic benefit. Increasing your insurance coverage by 1% to 10% annually is a good idea.
  • Riders who are under the age of 18. These riders provide an additional $25,000 in coverage for each kid, with the option to make that coverage permanent if needed.
  • Rider for conversions. Term life insurance policies expire and can be converted to permanent policies at that time.
  • Riders gain from critical sickness. This rider provides a lump-sum payment in the event of a catastrophic sickness, such as a stroke.
  • Rider that ensures you’ll be insured no matter what happens. On specific occasions, you can get better coverage without having to go to the doctor.
  • Rider with a low risk of injury over the long term. The benefit amount will remain the same as long as you purchase this add-on.
  • Rider for the return of cash value. Upon your death, your beneficiaries will get an extra benefit equal to the premiums you’ve paid for your life insurance.
  • Rider with a spouse. Extra coverage for up to five family members or business partners is provided by this add-on, which is comparable to child health insurance in many ways.
  • Rider for long-term care insurance. Term insurance can cut your rates while also raising your death benefit because it can be applied to the whole insurance contract.
  • Rider waiving premium fees. If you become disabled, you will receive a return of your premiums.

Ameritas life insurance reviews and complaints

Standard & Poor’s rates Ameritas as A+, while AM Best offers it an A (Excellent) grade (Strong). The firm has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, which has recognized it since 1948.

The fact that there haven’t been many complaints made against this insurance provider suggests that its clients are happy with its service. Customer complaints about Ameritas’ claims system and high transaction charges persist.

How does Ameritas protect my data?

According to Ameritas’ website, personal information about its consumers is never shared or promoted. There are strict privacy and security standards that must be met by any Ameritas service provider. There will be no sharing of medical information with anybody other than underwriters.

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Discover How Much YOU Can Save on Life Insurance

Our customers save as much as 35% compared to traditional life insurance offers…

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