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Global Atlantic Life Insurance Review

This Best Life Insurance Global Atlantic Life Insurance Review may alleviate some of your concerns.

As far as I can tell, Global Atlantic Life Insurance does not appear to disclose its prices online. Prices are determined by the length and extent of the coverage you select, as well as your health status. In order to protect their own interests, insurers only provide the best rates to customers who can be trusted.

Factors affecting my rate with Global Atlantic life insurance

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Underwriters at Global Atlantic consider the following considerations when evaluating life insurance policies:

  • Tobacco use. In order to get these discounts, you must be a Premier or Preferred member, however you are permitted four celebration cigars each month.
  • Age. Young people in good health have to pay less.
  • Driven by a person’s reputation. You must have a clean driving record in order to get the best prices.
  • Prior infractions of the law. Hiring decisions will be based on the legal status of the person applying.
  • Health. As a result of your medical history, you may be charged a higher premium by your insurance company if you have a high cholesterol level, high blood pressure or a BMI of more than 25.
  • Occupation. Firefighters and loggers, for example, may face higher insurance premiums as a result. Aviation Exclusion Riders are available in a number of states for pilots.
  • It’s a risky way of living. Racing automobiles are a well-known pastime, but how about skydiving? In some cases, you may be charged additional fees.
  • Two instances of this are drugs and alcohol. It is required that you have not been treated or treated in a treatment facility in the previous 10 years to be eligible for classes with the highest success rates

How to get a quote from Global Atlantic life insurance

Contact us at 877-462-8992 for a quote or to apply for coverage. Another option is to speak with an insurance representative in your area. This company’s offices are located in the following states: The states of Iowa, Georgia, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New York, and Connecticut are included in this group.

Time for a comprehensive paramedical examination is included in the three to four-week process. Alternatively, if you are qualified for Global Atlantic’s Fast Lane program, the entire turnaround time following the phone interview is one to two business days.

What types of life insurance coverage does Global Atlantic offer?

Global Atlantic offers index-variable life insurance in addition to term and permanent products.

  • Term life insurance. Since it only covers a specified period of time, such as 10, 20, or 30 years, term life insurance is the cheapest and most basic coverage available. Global Atlantic also offers an annually renewable term life insurance policy. The premium stays the same during time periods of 10, 20, and 30 years, however with an annual renewable term insurance, the rate often grows year after year after year. All term life insurance policies come with the option of adding permanent life insurance as an extra benefit.
  • Universal life insurance. One universal life insurance policy from Global Atlantic will protect you for the rest of your life and pay you out when you die, as well as increase in value over the course of your lifetime. Universal life insurance is a good option for those who expect their income to fluctuate or who are unable to commit to a fixed monthly payment. At any point throughout your lifetime, you can access the policy’s cash value and earn interest on it.
  • Indexed universal life insurance. These universal life insurance products are offered by this organization in three different varieties for customers to pick from. These are long-term financial investments, akin to universal life insurance contracts. As a result, the cash accumulation component of your insurance may rise in value based on the S&P 500 index.
  • Survivorship life insurance. In addition, Global Atlantic offers indexed life insurance for couples. You may insure up to two people at the same time with this policy. The death benefit will be paid out to you if a second person dies before you.
  • Life insurance for the future. To ensure that your ultimate desires are carried out in accordance with your contract, the funeral home will be given the benefit of this whole-life policy (commonly known as funeral insurance). Global Atlantic provides a second type of funeral plan that combines whole life insurance with a funeral expense trust or estate planning trust for those who prefer to preserve money for their final expenses while still leaving a legacy. Contact an insurance representative to learn more about this.
  • Underwriting in a hurry. Without a medical exam, applicants between the ages of 18 and 60 are eligible for up to $1,000,000 in coverage.

What riders can I add to my Global Atlantic life insurance policy?

The website of Global Atlantic has a bare minimum of information. Customize your coverage with the following rider options, depending on your insurance and your state:

  • Accelerated death benefit rider
  • Accidental death benefit rider
  • Child rider
  • Critical illness benefit rider
  • Guaranteed insurability rider
  • Long-term-care rider
  • Return-of-premium rider
  • Substitute insured rider
  • Waiver-of-premium rider

These exclusions only apply to policies that include the Survivorship Builder.

  • Policy Split Rider
  • First to Die Rider
  • Survivor Insured Rider
  • Estate Protection Rider

Global Atlantic life insurance reviews and complaints

Global Atlantic Financial Group does not have an A+ rating with the BBB, despite the fact that its underwriter, Forethought Life Insurance Company, does. Despite not being BBB-accredited, the company’s operations and customer service were rated A. It has received just nine complaints from customers over the past three years, all of which were related to billing mistakes or claims that were delayed, according to the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The company has received a star rating of 1 out of 5 stars from certain customers.

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Discover How Much YOU Can Save on Life Insurance

Our customers save as much as 35% compared to traditional life insurance offers…

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